Event Producers' relationship with our international client Jazzercise is the model for how we partner to develop memorable events. We've produced nearly every major national Jazzercise event in the country for the past 15 years. Jazzercise knows its clientele better than anyone and have been a successful organization for many years. However, they trust Event Producers to develop clever, interesting, and cost effective production designs that will excite attendees year after year. While the core of a Jazzercise production is an innovative stage design, the months of planning, attention to technology details and listening to customer needs is what has made Jazzercise a long-term client.

The high-energy team at Jazzercize, Judy, Shanna, Kenny and Sally, were among the first clients with large scale productions to use Event Producers throughout the country. Their events are always technically challenging. Clear, powerful audio systems and concert style lighting effects are central to building an atmosphere that promotes the introduction of new routines, corporate image, and management training at their events. We have immersed ourselves into their culture and come to understand the balance between technology, message and audience experience. We've tested structural engineering within venues because of the forces created by 2500 people dancing in unison and the impact wave it creates. Jazzercisers like their music loud, which requires advance preparation for hotels, good communication and guiding expectations to ensure a positive experience for all participants.

Some clients have very precise technical presentations. A Jazzercise event requires endurance and focus over a long period. Our relationship with Jazzercise has taught us that understanding client needs, balance between technology and message leads to successful events, and details are everywhere when creating “out of the box” experiences. And at the end of the day, you're only as good as your last performance! So make it great!

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In order to achieve a successful event, we abide the following practice: we design the elements and technology to fulfill the requirements given by you, our client, while we build upon your message, and successfully deliver your vision. Using this ideology is how we craft innovation.
It is our philosophy to develop a unique experience for each of our customers. By exceeding your expectations we are bringing value not only to you, but also to those attending the event. The key to this service is that we listen to your needs and then design something that not only fulfills these requirements, but also captures the dreams. And furthermore, this is all done with staying focused and true to budget. It is how we craft innovation.
In order to successfully construct your vision, we pay exceptional attention to detail. This focus builds a relationship between you and our team in order to transform your idea into a reality. Without building upon these collaborations, the vision could never truly be achieved. It is here where we foster longtime partnerships that develop not just over drinks, but also upon ideas.
How the product effortlessly develops into your vision is all in our delivery. It is how we, as a company, work together to ensure the moment of reality and guarantee that the message and idea hit home. This is our commitment to you, and with that philosophy as our backbone, we are able deliver a successful and memorable event each and every time.