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Roofing Supply Group

Roofing Supply Group

Roofing Supply Group

One of the nations' largest roofing supply companies, Roofing Supply Group, was "stepping up" their National Sales Program and needed a significant and impactful way to roll out their new plans.

At Event Producers the message always drives the meeting. Roofing Supply Group's message was focused around the introduction to a new culture within the company. Their goal was to have their national sales force recognize and embrace this new culture.

Through our partnership with RSG, we worked side by side to focus every aspect of the meeting on the reinforcement of their new message. Our goal was to deliver a presentation that both engaged the audience and prompted a call to action.

We began by using décor as an immediate indication that this was going to be a different kind of meeting. The event took place at the W Hotel in Dallas where mirrors are a key component of the hotel's design aesthetic. While walls of mirrors can pose a problem for some meeting designers, we chose to apply frosted logos accompanied by RSG's key paradigms; everywhere attendees looked they were receiving impressions that reinforced the message. Event Producers customized a set and filled the meeting space with icons of the new attitude.

Another aspect of RSG's message was better communication with their staff. To both functionally and symbolically convey this message, we equipped the meeting space with audience response systems. This way the company was able to get immediate feedback from attendees. They were able to gauge how the new plan was being received, how well their attendees understood the material, and the level of "buy-in" from their sales team. By coordinating all presentations, working with executives, and offering content options, we helped RSG illustrate their message, reinforce it, and allowed the company's executives to take the stage and drive their new culture home. By the end of the meeting it was clear that RSG had taken on a new sales direction, reformed their culture and through strong leadership, and was cultivating a new path for success for the entire company. The sales staff was invigorated, enthusiastic, and on their feet ready to move forward.

Not only did RSG have anecdotal evidence that their message was acknowledged, but though our integration of technology, they took home hard data to judge the success of the presentation, the management leadership and the acceptance of their new plan.

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In order to achieve a successful event, we abide the following practice: we design the elements and technology to fulfill the requirements given by you, our client, while we build upon your message, and successfully deliver your vision. Using this ideology is how we craft innovation.
It is our philosophy to develop a unique experience for each of our customers. By exceeding your expectations we are bringing value not only to you, but also to those attending the event. The key to this service is that we listen to your needs and then design something that not only fulfills these requirements, but also captures the dreams. And furthermore, this is all done with staying focused and true to budget. It is how we craft innovation.
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